Episode 3

March 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

What a lovely episode. From the sweetness of the Ty romance to the hilarity of the Gods of the North gathering, it was win from beginning to end.

So let me start off with one big complaint: Ty’s character.  Ty took a big curve here, writing-wise. Far from the logical and solid reliable brother of Episodes 1 and 2, Episode 3 Ty proved to be sappy, immature, overly romantic, prone to falling in love, and not nearly as interesting as Episode 1 and 2 dry-witted Ty (whom I rather preferred). That said, I thought the Ty/Helen-Idunn romance was darling. I’m a sucker for that sort of thing.

I’m conflicted about Dawn’s character here — she’s clearly human, and I think she should remain human. At the same time, Ty’s character deserves to have a relationship where he can actually feel as part of it and won’t actually cause physical danger like frostbite to his partner. Yes, I like Dawn. I want her to become empowered and achieve the place she deserves in the PR firm and take Anders down a few notches. Also, Ty is a great guy. But I’d like to see that relationship grow as a mutual friendship rather than as a romance despite the heavy hints at the end of the episode.

The resolution with Ty dumping Idunn/Helen made a lot of sense. So long as she doesn’t encounter Anders she won’t get drawn into the repeating unhappy story thing. I’m glad Ty put the smack-down even on continued friendship. If she’s drawn into his life, she will meet Anders and that doesn’t turn out well. This does make me wonder, however, how much these people are slaves to their past and how much they can create their own futures, and new destinies. Because once again, this whole “if they meet, tragedy will follow” thing indicates how deeply awful it is to be a god.

I think also think Ty was written as being sincere about loving the cold weather. It made me ten kinds of happy to realize that he was content in his cold dark freezer, sculpting angels in exchange for a free bar tab. So there is some happiness there too, even if we lost some of his witty snark this go-round. (Geek note: Again in the meat locker, you can see that Ty’s breath does not freeze over like Anders’, Mike’s, and Olaf’s.)

Olaf’s character was well served by this episode. That whole “it’s not an exact science!” feeling clearly motivated his interactions. He knows a lot but at the same time he can’t solve every mystery for his family. Being an oracle goes only so far. That still leaves the question:  why isTy a reindeer? If you have any thoughts on that, I’d be happy to hear them. I also wish I knew more about Grandma & her sisters setting the postman on fire, a line that had me rolling.

I was a little disappointed to discover the fearsome four were, in fact, goddesses but then I realized they were empowering themselves to break the bonds of history, where the guy-gods always were boozing, womenizing, and treating the goddesses poorly, and I wasn’t entirely unsympathetic. The goddesses seem to be as flawed and limited as the gods because, honestly, killing Axl before his 21st was pretty darn cold (and not in a good Hod way).

I loved the LARPing Norse group, the sword fight, the costumes, and how Axl (authentic Norse God) was thoroughly disdained by the lot of them. Hilarious! And I felt so bad for how Axl treated Zeb and Gaia before heading out, while loving his Alaskan Roman get-up.

Anders and Mike got the short end of the stick this go-round, not enough of either one, especially Anders, because I absolutely love his one-liners and his hilarious self-interest, plus I really want to see his relationship with Dawn in more detail.

Oh, and a few more things to wrap up:

  • I’m pretty sure the Angel that Ty sculpts is holding an apple in one hand and, of course, the fluffy tiara that Dawn was wearing is an angel’s halo. Heavy handed foreshadowing, much, writers?
  • After Mike tells Axl, “At the first sign of trouble, you text me,” Axl replies, “That’s not very epic, is it? A god texting another god?” And right behind him, there’s Ty/Hod texting Helen/Idunn.
  • Notice that the ice that Ty plays with at the very end fails to melt — not surprising given that it’s almost certainly a plastic prop — as a nice in-character touch.

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