Episode 5

March 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

So, unsurprisingly, Episode 5 turned out to be far better than Episode 4, the less said about which, the better. Episode 5 was a brilliant Anders episode. He got all the best lines, managed to figure out the plot, and saved Axl, all while being self-centered and utterly unheroic. I loved it.

In 5, we were treated to more of Axl’s growth — as we see his reflexive “But what about us?” turn into a tentative “What about you? What do you want?” when he first learns about the existing deal between Gaia and Bryn.

Ah Bryn, he’s such a perfect AJ character — highly flawed, fiercely protective of his daughter, and just cracked enough to be hilarious. I so want to spend more time with him as he (nakedly?) expounds upon the virtue of the humble lentil and fails to notice the deep-seated phallicism of the mighty aubergine. I was laughing myself sick as Axl very politely tried to ignore all the quintupple-entendres, as Bryn talked about rolling words (he was talking about words, yes?) around in one’s mouth, etc.

I also loved how Axl so fiercely defended Gaia, and so badly expressed exactly how he felt about her. But my favorite moment was after butting heads with Bryn, his phone rang and in that moment, that moment of heightened passion, and raised rhetoric, he very politely excused himself to answer his cell phone. It’s the kind of thing you expect from the British, and it was echoed so commonwealthily in this Kiwi production. It’s the irrational politeness that makes me smile.

Zeb had far more to do this episode, and really brought to the role that Axl may be quite dim, but Zeb exists to make Axl appear nearly normal. The scene with the two of them trying to return the drugs to the hospital brought a level of imbecility rarely seen outside of Spongebob episodes. I loved that. I hope there’s lots more Zeb-Axl interaction in upcoming episodes.

But this was truly Anders’ episode, allowing him to play hero, protect his brothers, grab some free blow, flirt with Michele, be a little jealous of Dawn, spend five glorious minutes “collecting information” with which to blackmail the goddesses, bully Ty a bit and take down Mike. (Did you not love the whole, “You go home and worry because that is what you do best”? Took the piss right out of him.)

And, as always, Anders got all the good lines, managed to move the plot to where it needed to end up, received fireworks (self-created, of course) and hugs (aw Olaf you old softy), and kept Axl from being gang raped in prison.

Yay Anders!

That only Ingrid was willing to speak up to protect Axl says that these Goddesses are continuing to play hardball — murder was just the starting point.  How far will they go? Especially if relations between Olaf/Ingrid and Anders/Michele start bringing some humanity (or at least Norse Godity) into the mix…

I’m not entirely sure where the Dawn/Anders thing was going this episode but just sign me up for Anders/Michelle. They are two brilliant evil geniuses and need to be together. I hope the writing staff planned on those sparks that were flying.


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