Episode 6

March 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Episode 6 proved to be a solid but workmanlike outing. There isn’t a whole lot that gives rise to analysis here, so here’s a quick run-down of the episode and the ongoing plot lines.

I thought the whole Ty/Dawn thing was very sweet — but I’m really not sensing any real chemistry there between the actors or arising from the script. I wish there were more actual spark than us being *told* there is spark. I do, however, appreciate the fact that the writers added in the whole “I don’t really feel cold,” mention which pleased me immensely.

Not much Mike this week, but his listening to Ty and restraining himself from laughing was appreciated. Less Mike is more Mike in my opinion, because his story continues to fail to grab me in any real way. I especially liked the skiing/winter-god reference.

This was a fabulous Olaf week. I loved the relationship he built with Ingrid. He’s back to being written as kind, sensitive, and a wee bit daft and irresponsible, which is where I like his character to be. He got to be charming, human, godly, and fun — and emphasized how very good Barrington is in this part. Poor surf board.

Anders was evil, as always, which beautifully anti-redeems his heroism last week. Because Anders is not meant to be a hero, and I’m glad they’re not letting him go that way. I did feel, however, that his relationship with Michele could have been better drawn. What was the whole point of her being so unpleasant with the kids-magician insults? And, of course, their conversation got cut off by Ty’s phone call just as it was getting interesting.

As for Axl, it was another week of growing up and getting more morally sound footed. I also really liked that he was able to *do* something, namely the hammer throw. It’s a bit of a let-down to be a god in name only, so I like these tiny bits of awesome that surprise him.

I do think he still considers himself, his real Axl self, completely separate from Odin, so these occurrences help develop that growing realization that he’s not entirely human.

In the end, the fish died. And the tag, with the fish fingers, was priceless.


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