Shove this down your pants. Simon says!

July 19, 2013 § 13 Comments

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This week offered another odd, character-driven, wonderful episode. I find I’m really enjoying the series this year. And what a collection of strange moments and changes there were. Here are various random, incoherent thoughts on the ep:

Ty moved from duty cycles to courier cycles, his beautiful collection of fridges destroyed by a vindictive Loki. (Going to miss you walk-in fridge, beautiful red fridge, and soda-style food fridge!)

Dawn? Dawn’s now seeing Lance. Superb! Bye Dawn. Don’t let that relationship door hit you on the way out… I suppose TyDawn is the ship that just won’t founder. Pity.

We had one of the best ex-god moments yet, namely, “What happened to the other guy?” The guy who was really good at fridge repair. Yeah, I sort of miss Hod and wonder how he’s doing. Poor Ty really needs an injection of wonder, godliness, and overall deification right now.

He and Ingrid, she heroically saved by the Ty — you’d think her prudence powers would have provided fire extinguishers, and other preventative measures — moved into with Axl and Zeb, Mike once again getting hit in the wallet with a welcome Zeb/Mike scene. I need a bit of clarity on the room situation. Are Ty and Ingrid…sharing?

(p.s. Ty should have negotiated. I know he wanted to get the house off his hands, but he’s got an Ingrid to take care of. He’s got responsibilities. The extra money that would have been paid had not everything gone up in smoke could have helped her rehabilitate, maybe start an organic craft merkin company.)

Speaking of roommates, I was a bit disappointed that upright Christian girl was just a throwaway. I was sort of hoping for Natalie Mark II. Plus, you know, unfiltered Axl. Bonus! I can’t decide which of the other prospective roomies was my favorite — they were all delightful.

Ah well, back to plot. Bergerbar. I utterly failed to get a proper definition of Bergerbar off Google. Surely that’s a made-up term? Regardless, it was a great excuse to get the boys all together (the way they should be!), to play off the tensions, have some fun, watch Mike throw appetizers in a hat, drink some more, and lead up to Axl’s dramatic moments.

Anders was busily character-consistent, without any changes of heart or growth, but with a spiffy new set of Simon Says skills that he immediately put to use. This was the only unfortunate bit, in my opinion, as it was a perfect place to grow him a bit but he ended Ep 3 more or less in the same emotional place he started the first series. As amusing as Anders-being-Anders is, I’d hoped for more.

Contrast with Michelle. We got a bit more interesting Michelle backstory. Think Momchelle might show up soon? Even if Anders is stuck in glue, Michelle deserves a good storyline.

Mike was this ep’s backbone, moving from plot to plot to plot, handing out money, but not really doing much more than being the put-upon peacemaker. Perhaps it’s time for Njord to show up, so that Mike can get some emotional time.

I’m sure there were more things, but I am so overwhelmed with work this week, my brain has gone on strike. Got thoughts? Pop them in the comments.


§ 13 Responses to Shove this down your pants. Simon says!

  • Pilgrim jake says:

    A few quick observations from a fast whiskey infused viewing.
    The anders upgrade of power felt like a bit of a season storyline emerging.
    Given the hints about the poor parenting given to both mike and Michelle that definitely feels like a foreshadowing – Michelle’s mum is the one most likely to swagger in is my guess.

    I like the ty arc showing him finding a sense of peace without hod – all the more reason to make him suffer later :). – but it some minor continuity issues – what about his old place before he moved in with Eva? No savings from a successful business either?

    Still a much lighter episode – although I found the nail gun to head much more disturbing than the drunken building wail.

    • kiwigods says:

      In many ways godding is like a real world metaphor of Huntingtons disease. Axl is beginning to realize that his life is never going to be in his control, and that this hereditable condition is destroying his dreams. The casualness of the nail gun scene was shocking.

  • drjuliebug says:

    The powered-up Anders also seems to be able to seduce women without even saying anything — he locked eyes with the young mom at the next table, they conveniently sneaked off at the same time, and they returned to their tables without drawing much attention to themselves. My husband speculated that Anders has become more powerful because he was brought back from the brink of death by Yggdrasil. We don’t recall similar things happening to the other brothers, but Mike was only healed of a minor injury, Axl was cured of a serious illness but wasn’t as near death as Anders was, and Ty was revived as a mortal, so Michele’s rescue of Anders was different. And Anders was the one who retrieved the stick, so maybe he has a closer bond with it than the other male gods do.

    The biggest surprise for me was Lance/Dawn. Not because Dawn might get involved with someone other than Ty — missed or complicated love connections are staple subplots of the show — but of all the possible consequences of Stacey’s new business agreement with Anders, I wouldn’t have expected that one.

    Emmett Skilton was amazing in that episode — he really has a range of talents that’s not often explored as much as it was here, and he really nailed the wild mood swings of angry, depressed Axl. Starting with the unwashed, unclothed, and obnoxious Axl driving away prospective flatmates while Zeb despaired of making the rent, proceeding to his impulsive drunken threat to jump off a roof, and ending with a hung-over Axl pondering suicide with Mike’s nail gun but deciding instead to live — great stuff. And in the meantime, he got a chance to bond with and thank all of his brothers, and they all got a chance to protect him. There was a lot of family anger in the previous episode, but this one was all about forgiveness.

    BTW, I agree with Pilgrim Jake that the nail-gun scene was scarier, but I also almost cried when Ty pulled Axl back from the ledge. Ty is the brother who has the most adult and least judgmental relationship with Axl, and I hope that his move to Axl’s flat gives the two of them more screen time together. I’d also like to see more Axl-Olaf time, but I’m sure opportunities will come up in later episodes!

    • kiwigods says:

      Agreed — something was going down with the mom at the restaurant from afar. Anders didn’t need to “use his voice” to command her attention. I just wonder how this is going to play out in the emotional narrative.

      Lance won my heart last week with his “living the dream”.

  • Loved this ep. – one of my favourites, and mainly because they were really honest about the depression and suicide issues that are such a big part of Aotearoa culture. With one of the highest youth suicide rates in the world – especially amongst men – there has been some amazing govt. funded campaigns to raise the issue, so the scene with the nail gun came across as very real in a place that also has tight gun controls.

    That any attempt with a nail gun could just as likely end up as a ‘here are the pix of the nail I shot in my brain when I was trying to kill myself’ trip to A&E, or in this case a hilarious scene involving Michelle, Yggdrasil and Mike’s tool box, probably struck the many depressives watching at the same time it did Axl.

    For me, Bragi’s speech to the kids about cell phones was both inspired and necessary, and the outcome you’d expect from a recent encounter with an Idunn far more grounded than Helen who also loves the brother he’s trying to save. That he reverted to the arsehole version we all know and love is perfect – Anders needs Gaia to change and he’s just so good as a compete tosser with no morals that I’m looking forward to seeing him up against Loki – must be his turn by now.

    • JKW says:

      I didn’t know about the suicide rate in NZ -it makes the episode more poignant and shows a strength to the story that needs a bit of local understanding.

      And all the more reason the Oz should consider armed incursion and conquest across the ditch —- it would be for your own good, and we could improve the ratings of TAJ’s

    • kiwigods says:

      Thanks for stopping by and reading. I’m glad we didn’t get another hospital with a souvenir X-ray scene. We already have one of Axl’s two hearts.

  • just another mortal says:

    KG, on the sleeping arrangements, I think Zeb asked if Ty and Ingrid would “be ok topping and tailing” and Ingrid said it was fine with her…. But I thought Ty probably went for the couch 🙂

    I thought this was excellent. Thoughtful, poignant but still with plenty of the trademark Johnsons humour.

    I agree with everyone that the nail gun scene was hugely disturbing but also came across as very honest. I thought the roof thing was pretty terrifying as well, though – it would’ve been so easy for Axl to fall without really meaning to. Shudder.

    I cannot WAIT for powered-up Anders.

    Onto the jokes, though. The man merkin thing was so silly it was hilarious, and I know Anders making the people dance at the end was juvenile but it was also so quintessentially, fabulously Anders – I laughed a lot. And I laughed at his story about Mike’s “surgery.” And Mike’s point about how people under-estimate how hard it is to drive a really big digger. And “it’s a brotherhood…. with sisters.” HEEE.

    • kiwigods says:

      Thanks for the catch on that. I think the couch would work out far better. As for the man merkin, it was so utterly out there and shockingly absurd. Perfect for Ingrid.

      • drjuliebug says:

        Ingrid has been hitting on Ty since the middle of season 2. It might be both amusing and disturbing if Ty were to yield to a friendly cougar with benefits, although his friendship with Ingrid will probably be funnier if it remains the way it is now — platonic, exasperating, and still endearing. Also, there was speculation last season about a possible familial connection between Ingrid and Zeb. If so, this would be a great time to reveal it!

      • kiwigods says:

        I was the one who hypothesized the Zeb/Ingrid link a while ago based on a prop. If they were going to pay off on that, it would probably have happened long, long since. Zeb and Ingrid have spent too much time together.

  • Belle says:

    Have been enjoying your recaps again this season! Nf sbe Zvpuryyr’f zbgure nccrnevat, V unir frra ba gur jro gung Wraavsre Jneq-Yrynaq vf fpurqhyrq gb thrfg fgne va rcvfbqrf 4-6, fb znlor fur vf qbvat gung? Pregnvayl nabgure fgebat srznyr punenpgre, jubrire fur vf cynlvat! (Ure uhfonaq Zvpunry Uhefg (jub nccrnerq nf Xinfe va frnfba 2) vf nyfb qverpgvat n pbhcyr bs rcvfbqrf guvf frnfba.)

    (Edited to Rot13 spoilers) Please no spoilers! To decode, go to

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