The bride wore white

August 16, 2013 § 33 Comments

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Before anything else, sending safe thoughts to anyone affected by the Seddon quake.

Each week, I keep expecting the “bad episode”, like the 2nd (Axl and the Netball team) and 4th (Olaf’s girlfriend) in Series 1. Or the 6th (Zeb and Stacy) and 9th (Eggther kidnaps Zeb and BRYN just isn’t BRYN anymore) in Series 2. Instead, every single episode keeps delivering home runs (in Canada baseball terms).

I thought this was going to be the loser episode, the hokey one, the joke/comic relief ep.  It wasn’t.

Instead, I doubt too many viewers made it through Ep 7 with a dry eye and an untouched heart. I mean, after all, it was a DERRICK! episode. But it was a DERRICK! episode with a difference, one that was full of emotional growth, pain, and change.

Unlike last week, there were only two stories to tell: Axl’s and Ty’s. Everything else fell to the sidelines and yet the show seemed as full and rich as ever.

Let’s start with Ty. Determined to move on with his life, he asked young pretty messenger-girl out on an actual date. This being the Johnsons, the chances of a solo quiet event were near zero. Instead, it became a convergence of characters: (if you forgive the metaphor) a cauldron, perhaps the ice version of a cauldron, of change.

Oh Hod, how happy I am to see that you’re back, that you survived as the ice version of a ember, ice version smoldering away, ready to burst into ice version flames at any time.

And like *snap* that, circumstances changed. Lance blew his chances. Dawn is starting to regain her memory and a chance for a true happy ending (okay, yes, the ice version of a true happy ending, this is Ty after all we’re talking about) is appearing. All Ty has to do is to break the 1st rule, bring Dawn into the loop, and sleep in separate beds.

It looks pretty simple, so I’m hoping it isn’t, and yet, who doesn’t want Ty to have an occasional moment of pure, sweet happiness. I loved this plot, even if it came at the price of Hod — who better learn to behave if he doesn’t want to have the door hit him on the way out a second time.

Axl was involved in the second of the four major romances this episode.  (Okay, really only three, because the two contrived character gay neighbors really don’t count. They were tropes not people, but no less welcome for moving the story along.)

I just loved Suzy, as did Axl. Why shouldn’t he ditch the whole quest thing and settle down with his best friend-as-chick. I bet she’d get along splendidly with Zeb and they’d live happily ever after. Not only that, but you know, barmaids have a steady income. There’s Mrs Kwan to think about and all.

I know, I know, it’s a QUEST (or to non-NZ ears, a QUIST) and it would be hard for him to settle for just happiness when he has his brothers’ lives in general and Anders’ regodding ambitions to think about. But still… It wouldn’t have been that awful.

The final major romance was, of course, DERRICK!’s. Despite death, despite distance, the love for his wife and child — however odd, unseemly, and just strange odd — formed the backbone of the episode. The writing team managed to make him vulnerable, sweet, and dear without losing him in sentimental morass. DERRICK! remained obnoxious, messed up, and and slightly scary.

What was particularly great about this hour was the DERRICK!/Axl relationship. Totally awed in the presence of his lord the All Father, DERRICK! forces Axl to step up to the Odin plate and be that Odin he needs to become. With his brothers far enough away, Axl got to face many of the truths he was taking for granted and see them in a new light. Suzy especially helped him see himself as more than a damaged, hopeless case. It was both uplifting and delightful to witness.

By the end, DERRICK! sang, Suzy and Dawn both kissed, and Mike stopped by for a bit of golf putting and money as Martin once again brought everyone to where they needed to be, not where they thought they were going.



§ 33 Responses to The bride wore white

  • Pilgrim Jake says:

    And I did the Jormungand happy dance….. Although it seemed to lead me in a circle…

  • Freddie AppsHero says:

    The commenters in the last ep’s blog were indeed correct about Martin appearing in the pub and at Anders’ building in the first ep. He’s clearly very important. I second your guess about him being Heimdallr, but if he’s not, he has to be someone equal or greater in importance than Odin, so maybe Vili, Ve, Bor or Buri.

    • Freddie AppsHero says:

      Also, if you watch carefully, you’ll notice it’s not Dawn and Lance’s argument that sets off Hod, but rather, when Dawn starts talking about how great Colin is. I think they’re setting the stage for a Hod-Loki conflict.

  • Pilgrim Jake says:

    An update on the Johnsons App, for those of you who haven’t scrounged it. The ‘Book’ episodes look to be based on what where presumably the shooting scripts. Exceedingly close, but every once in a while you get additional dialog, or slight variation in the scenes. Presumably this is what was in the script, but got left on the cutting room floor at final edit. Quite interesting to see the difference though,a bit of insight into the filming process. (eg the scene where Axl probes Sagas background unfolds a little differently). The video snippets are still quite enjoyable. I’m especially liking the writers insights. However the bugger thing is still crashing almost everytime after a video plays. James et al – if you mob are lurking here reading this… Then it would be sage to at least get the bloody app not crashing!

  • In agreement about how great this episode was. I admittedly felt a little annoyed by the quick jumps to the Ty/Dawn story – the snippets felt too short and distracting in the bigger picture of Axl & Derrick. But overall, liked this a lot.

    I’ve always had a soft spot for Derrick and think the writers have done a great job of writing him. This episode tugged at all the heart strings. I hope we see more of him.

    I loved the fact that Axl chose to leave Suzy in peaceful oblivion as to her true identity. Ignorance is bliss! A very touching moment.

    Anyone know what song as playing at the start of the episode when Ty is cycling past the promo posters of Dawn?

    I squealed at the return of Hod. I didn’t expect it like that. Also, I think it is clear now that there will be no Anders/Dawn. Upon reflection this week I’ve changed my mind and am in agreement with another person (can’t recall who, sorry) who said it would be refreshing to see this pairing. I’d like to see Anders grapple with genuine romantic emotion that isn’t directed by Bragi. Dawn would have been a good candidate, but it seems as though the Ty/Dawn story isn’t quite over yet.

    Emmett is doing a sensational job. Can’t say enough good things. Wish Aus had tv like this!

  • drjuliebug says:

    Wow. So Ty doesn’t need to be re-godded — he was incompletely de-godded in the first place! (I presume he kept Dawn at arm’s length because he can’t be sure he’s not dangerous to her?) Still trying to figure out the impromptu party at Ty’s place, though, as well as Anders’ seduction of Ty’s date. Is Anders trying to bring Ty and Dawn together? I suspect Anders is really conflicted about his involvement with Colin’s campaign, and getting Ty and Dawn back together would weaken Colin’s hold on Dawn.

    I loved, loved, loved the whole Whangamaungamoa adventure. Great character development, great god-bonding, great everything. Derrick’s affection for his late wife was really touching. And — what a voice!

    Hoping we really will see Eggther again soon!

  • Mr*Nkgnto says:

    The song is Oh Girl by a kiwi band called Cut Off Your Hands.

  • drjuliebug says:

    On re-watch, it looks like Alannah was the one who invited extras along on her “date” with Ty. At the very least, she’s the one who invited Lance. She and Anders also exchanged smoldering looks from the first time they met, which was after Ty asked her out. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her.

    I read the Suzy-Axl non-reveal differently. I thought Suzy knew who she was, but was used to keeping it a secret, and that she and Axl didn’t quite get to the point of admitting their alternate identities. (But … hmmm, would Saga have power over empty beer bottles if Odin is not present?)

    • just another mortal says:

      My take on Suzy wasn’t far off yours, dr juliebug – I thought she knew something about what she was, if not necessarily all the details, but was telling Axl she was happy just living with her power, without labelling it/being given any more detail and without being part of the general god community. As kg said, it’s a shame her and Axl can’t just stay together and be as happy as she is.

    • Pilgrim Jake says:

      A semi spoilerish reply ( only pertains to past episodes) There is an interview with James in the johnsons app about Suzy/Saga….So read if you only want to know the writers thoughts…..

      It is indicated that Suzy really doesnt know her heritage – but James was rather fond of this top Kiwi chick character – and would revisit her story if he could… It’s not said, but presumably if a season 4 arose…. (and how could it not now it’s an INTERNATIONAL phenomena eh? ) we would get to see the return of Saga.

      Let me know if people want to hear these writer’s insights – as while not about future eps -they can be rather concrete over the top of speculation.

    • Ratatosk says:

      After a second viewing I can’t decide whether Suzi knows or not, but I’m sure her brother Tom knows something, and given the way he handled the stoush between Derrick and Kerry I wonder whether he’s Forseti – my pick is they’ll all be brought in towards the end of the series… possibly by one of Karen’s parties.

      • kiwigods says:

        Oh interesting thought! I missed that he was her brother — have to go back now and check that. Forseti is a great god, of course.

      • Ratatosk says:

        The horn next to Suzi’s bed at the very start was obviously significant, which does make me think she knows. She played the conversation about her 21st pretty close to her heart too – maybe she was waiting for Axl to tell her about his before saying anything. Given that he is the top god, it’s probably best not to risk getting that conversation wrong.

      • kiwigods says:

        The 21st told us the story we all needed to hear, i.e. “Yup, she’s a goddess”. Not entirely sure that she recognizes the story.

    • kiwigods says:

      I suspect she’s the one who arranged for Anders to be there too

  • just another mortal says:

    Oh, Derrick 😦

    What a wonderful character and such a touching, sweet, sad, funny storyline for him and Axl. It was the making of both of them.

    *wipes away tear*

  • Pilgrim Jake says:

    Half time entertainment … OR bring on the non denominational dancing persons…..!

    Folks, here we are at the seasonal half time…So how are we tracking in our original predictions? What appear to be the big seasonal threads? I can see 3 core ones. Anyone think there are big surprises ahead? Overall season rating?

    From me — My big prediction that Gaia would end up a mercurial goddess was a total bust. But the midgard serpent seems to be shaping up. I’m still waiting for Colin to turn into a giant snake once enough people worship him as mayor at the end of the season.

    and so far at least for me… Best. Season. Ever.

    Anyone else?

  • Sophie says:

    What struck me with this episode was that the writers had put a new spin on one of the old Norse poems involving Thor, the theft of his hammer, and dressing up as a bride 🙂 Thankfully we had Odin subbing for Loki as the bridesmaid though.. though Colin in a dress would be amusing!

    And poor Ty.. just when he might be getting somewhere, the icicle returns.

    • kiwigods says:

      That is just so awesome — not just that it exists and not that James G used it, but even better, that you found it and shared it here. Thank you!

    • Susannah says:

      Yes, I too came across that story last week (before this episode aired – I think I was looking to see if Thor ever did lose his hammer) and was thus pleasantly amused that we did indeed get gods-in-dresses as part of this story. Heh.

      • Ratatosk says:

        I’ve been waiting for them to use that story since I read it last year – it seemed too good to pass up, but I’m glad they didn’t insert a tortured storyline to make Loki the bridesmaid. Besides, they love putting Axl in fancy dress.

      • Susannah says:

        I love how completely unbothered Axl is about being in a fancy dress by now. You could hear him thinking “well at least I’m not ACTUALLY a girl this time.”

      • kiwigods says:

        Kudos to you as well!

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