Brothers against brothers, Goddesses betraying each other, Cats and Dogs sleeping together

August 29, 2013 § 17 Comments

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“I am the living incarnation of the Norse God of all things Dark and Cold….Hodr. *beat* Look me up on Wiki.”


Sorry. I’ll try to stop doing that. But…*SQUEE*. (I blame you CJ.)

Between Martin-as-Cupid, Axl going all one-eyed-All-Father, Anders jumping in feet-first to the Goddess Healer Conspiracy, to Mike having his Angry Man moment, there was plenty to love in this episode.

While I still don’t like Dawn she had quite astounding Bragi and Colin-is-a-Wanker moments that were perfect for her character. My likes and dislikes aren’t important because Ty likes Dawn and Ty is Happy.  For “Ty” levels of happiness. For now.  But whatever, because, you know, *squee*.

This week’s theme was “The Truth” (these intermingled themes have been terrific throughout the year) and Ty, pushed along by Martin, finally resolved things with Dawn. Yay Hod!

Given how very happy the two of them are, I’m hoping something utterly dire happens to her. Because Angsty Ty is seriously much more interesting. Plus, Happy Ty won’t get much screen time. And we need lots and lots of Ty.

Similarly, I love when Mike has plot — and I’m so happy that he’s starting to face the consequence of his little Ullr problem. For years he was on the wagon. He knew the basic rule. When he used his powers, bad things happened.

But over time, there were slip ups. A little bit of hardware raffle won’t hurt you, right? That is, until you wake up surrounded by toaster ovens and ill-won meat. He’s now throwing back the golf-drive-winnings before lunch.

Mike is well and truly messed up — he’s not being honest with Michelle, he’s not being honest with himself, and he’s taking his brothers for granted. It’s not a good scenario and I’m thrilled to see this develop.

Sure it’s inconsistent — just last week, he was playing Ullr hero, cleverly protecting his family, and shortly before that Karen was warning him about the Way of the Ullr — but what the hell. MIKE GOT A PLOT. Celebrate, people, celebrate.

Grandpa Olaf also developed a bit of a habit, but for him, it was sheer delight in the rise of the auto-feed golf tee. Barrington has been wonderful in his role as B-rate oracle and family sage — consistently funny, delightfully skewed, and, eye candy for the ladies and those gentlemen who swing that way. (See what I did there? Golf pun!) Plus (bonus), he can golf without needing wheels to the shore. I do intend to see him back surfing though. It is a necessary thing.

Axl despite his screen time was the one who pretty much got shafted story-wise this week. He abottcostello’ed with Zeb for a bit, lost an eye, gained some insight, and propelled the action in the final act. Beyond that though, there was little for him to do. The thing is though, that both Skilton and Frost are so very good at their comedy bits, that it doesn’t really matter that their plot was lame. They were hilarious, from beer-dream to casting-call to mirror-mirror and a pleasure to watch.

Michelle, Anders, and Ingrid provided the final plot point of the week.  Anders wants in on the action, has a devilish plan for building a Goddess Healer Empire, and (back to his Anders status quo) doesn’t care about shafting Ingrid.

Here was the surprise of the week: Michelle cared. Michelle and Anders and Colin have been drawn with similar brush strokes throughout the series, and it was Michelle’s turn this week to grow a little, defend Ingrid, and demand a tiny bit of quid pro morality from Anders. I’ll be curious to see where this ends up.

So, all in all, great ep. It may not be a DERRICK!-in-a-wedding-gown level episode (there can’t be all that many of those in any series, just for the sake of how many tissues any viewer can go through) but it was a good ‘un.

Looking forward to next week.

  • Clearly, Martin is a Ty/Dawn shipper. Who knew?
  • Zebs future is advertising copywriting. Beer!
  • Prosthetics person is getting tons of work this series. Axl’s eye, Anders’ neck.
  • Better title for this ep: “Destiny, Schmestiny”
  • There is no situation where a Life of Brian reference in TAJ isn’t hilarious. Multiple references? Well, we are all individuals after all…

§ 17 Responses to Brothers against brothers, Goddesses betraying each other, Cats and Dogs sleeping together

  • drjuliebug says:

    I loved this episode so much that I’m still trying to smile and scream at the same time. (Fittingly, my husband predicted that Dawn would be the next mortal associate of the Johnsons to discover the family secret. He predicted this early in Season 2, when Dawn was working for Agnetha, while secretly car-stalking the newly married and obviously messed-up Ty and Eva.)

    Sneaky thread throughout S3: Axl, Anders, and Mike have all been further developing their powers, for better and worse. But Ty went a step further and actually conquered Hod. He risked his own life to drive Hod away, and for his trouble he was forgotten by mortals, and alternately reviled and pitied by other gods. Something seemed to change when Johann told Ty that he was proud of his courage. (Yeah, Joe was manipulating them all, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t perceptive.) When Colin became a threat to Dawn, Hod started to manifest himself; Martin finished the job by reuniting Ty and Dawn. So now Hod is back, but he’s not tormenting Ty any more; instead, Hod and Ty are working as a team. As Ty said in the pilot episode: “Yay, Hod!”

    Zeb, Zeb, Zeb. You may enjoy combining the roles of Freki and Tom Hagen, but you’re now turning into a cross between Cassandra and Iago. Yes, Mike and Axl are going to come into conflict as the respective heads of the Johnson family and the Norse pantheon, and Axl’s vision confirmed it. But Zeb thoughtlessly poured gas on that fire. Ouch.

    Does anyone else besides me think we need more Stacey? She hasn’t been around much, and when she has, she’s been exhausted and bad-tempered. But Boss-Lady Stacey can be badass when she’s on your side. Fulla, come back!

    • Ratatosk says:

      Loving this truth thread – I was on edge of seat again as Ty nearly let Dawn walk out… I’ve always been neutral about Dawn, but I am liking her a lot in this series, and I also want to see more of Martin . . . we’re getting so close to a reveal, but knowing these writers they’ll reel it out a bit longer. I’d be really keen to see Kvasir about now too… he won’t be happy about Dawn so there’s bound to be a showdown with Hodr.

      I agree about Stacey; her character has never gelled with Olaf, but I did pick up on a vibe between her and Anders that I would love to play out – and man, would she shut him up. But mainly I want to see them hook up because it would leave the oracles free to be their sweet hippie in-love selves, and they always work best when working together – and I really want to see what Ingrid and Stacey can do with that stick.

      Like Outrageous Fortune, season three is taking it to a whole new level, so I’m now hoping we get a cliffhanger that’s going to annoy the hel out of me all summer and not the end of the world.

  • Pilgrim Jake says:

    Finally watched all of the episode.
    For me less than satisfying for some reason. Still see very little character development in Axl. After awhile i believe this can be an issue. Over time they SHOULD change and develop, and not be left purely in the realm of lovable doofus.

    But also the big Dawn reveal/ payoff – i expected much more revelation. I really enjoyed the actual scene where they confronted each other. But surely Dawn has other memories or recollections? eg – so thats why U johnonsons are always meeting etc etc….

    Mind you I certainly enjoyed it – will be interesting to see how the brotherly rivalry plays out – will it be the plot dangler at the end of the season?

  • Maria says:

    Glad to see more Ingrid, and would seriously want Ingrid and Olaf to get back together. Stacey is great, but can be used as a character on her own, rather than a side-order.

    The scenes with Dawn and Ty were wonderful! About time, although we know something will happen – eventually. Ty may be able to control Hod in positive emotional situations, but interesting plot device where Hod comes back but Ty is able to control him, somewhat. Still, at the family gathering would liked even one line from Ty to explain HOW Dawn found out, as in – he didn’t just fess up the whole thing, but her witnessing the snow / flood of memories / etc etc would have helped.

    Axl story line and quest seems to be getting wishy-washy. I know he is young, but come on – writers make up your mind! And if Keisha Castle-Hughes is seriously NOT coming back to the show, then make sure Akl is clear on getting over her as Gaia and focused on finding his Frigg. They don’t need to confirm her absolute absence, but make it a little more clear / structured.

    Interesting development if the gossip news is right and KCH left Auckland for LA to pursue a career in Hollywood…..and THEN the show is picked up for broadcast in the US as it has been confirmed and it takes off and her character is no longer part of it, especially if it gets extended for another season ….well timing is everything.

  • just another mortal says:

    Loved the Ty and Dawn scenes: they could have been seriously cheesy but they were just right. Squee! from me too, kg! 😉

    I really enjoyed the start of the Anders/Michelle story too, although is it just me who doesn’t think Anders wanting to ditch Ingrid is that awful? Normally I would be cheering for the idea of “sisters sticking together” , but, after all, much as I like Ingrid, she isn’t exactly doing what she’s doing for the good of anyone other than herself – she’s using Michelle’s gift for the money just as much as Anders would be, and at least Anders has given some thought to how best to protect Michelle from the almost inevitable disaster that publicity will bring. I’m not saying they *have* to cut Ingrid out – just that her motives are no purer than Anders’ here.

    Likewise, I kind of think Mike would be a better Odin than Axl at this point. For me, the episode was dragged down by the Axl/Zeb business: I’m tired of Axl reverting to being an idiot. He’s always leaned so heavily on Mike though, I’m completely intrigued by what kind of drama this seed of distrust they’ve planted is going to grow into…

  • I have to admit, my recollection of this episode is a little hazy due to a few too many glasses of that old Pinot Noir (fittingly from NZ and not a local Aussie drop, I should add). I’ll need to rewatch..

    I’ve always liked Dawn but I’ve always felt that the writers aren’t giving Fern Sutherland enough to work with. I think it would have been good to see Dawn reveal to Anders that she knows who he really is in a different way. I don’t know, perhaps a conversation in the office where she leads him down a merry path and traps him. Something to allow her to get a one-up that doesn’t involve a slap (although it was nice to see the ‘slap Anders’ tradition carry on).

    As much as I love Ty and Dawn and I am happy that they are together, I am hoping for tragedy of some sort. Ty is much more interesting when he is mopey and vengeful.

    I am growing to like Michelle more and more and more with each episode. I like how her character is developing, how we are seeing these little slithers of morality and love. But I need more Stacey! She is a BAMF! Pairing her against Anders would be a great idea – I still chuckle when I remember their customs break-in. She has sass! Ingrid is floundering a bit which is a shame because the actress is wonderful. It seems that whilst the character’s fashion/hair/make-up has improved over time her character developement and story value has declined. She was much more fun paired off with Olaf.

    I am so intrigued about this Martin character! Can’t wait to find out more.

    Only four episodes left, as Jared Turner delightfully pointed out on Facebook. Any word on a Season Four? I’ve given up on this show ever airing in Australia because our television networks are screwed. Outrageous Fortune, another great Kiwi show, only ever aired late at night. We keep our best time slots for shitty reality cooking shows and American shiz like NCIS. UGH.

  • Chris of the Great White North says:

    Would anyone care to speculate WHO MARTIN IS? Is he another god? If yes, which one, since he always seems to help at just the right moment? If he is mortal, how does he know about the Johnsons (and others) and always seem to be in the right place? Could there be a cult of god watchers that are tracking the Norse gods to help them? (The polar opposite of the god-killers?)

    Thoughts, anyone?

    Great blog, btw. 🙂

    • kiwigods says:

      I’m thinking Heimdallr, due to the foreknowledge thing.

      • Chris of the Great White North says:

        Good suggestion. Of course, the problem for the Johnsons is how they meet him then, since it would only happen if he wants it to happen. Hard to sneak up on someone with the power of foreknowledge! 🙂

        On another front, I think Anders is being much smarter about the Goddess Healer than Michelle and Ingrid. The way they were going about the Goddess Healer interventions was way too obvious and would have eventually gotten the god-hunters after them.

  • Chris of the Great White North says:

    Hi kiwigods,

    Sorry, should have read the August 9th posting better where you speculated Martin was Heimdallr!

  • KeepCalmandSparkle says:

    What intrigued me about Ullr as another name for Odin was that I have read that Sjofn is sometimes thought to be Frigg under another name. If it turns out to be true that Mike is (unwittingly or not) “going down the Odin path” could his relationship with the always power-hungry Michele be significant?

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