Jazz Quintet with Gjallarhorn

September 12, 2013 § 39 Comments

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And so we formally meet both Heimdall and Frigg. I’m still not entirely buying into Mike’s sudden Odin ambitions but what the hell, Ragnorok is coming and I love this show.

Starting with Mike, at least we got a little backstory as to why he’s realized he can pretend to the throne. Karen’s offhanded remark has had him doing a bit of background research, and now he’s uncovered that Odin is more a title and less a specific bolt of lightning.

Even better, we got Martin’s rather unbalanced reasoning on why Mike is the wrong Odin choice: “Because you won’t do the right things, what needs to be done.” Presumably, Axl who is much more on top of this Rangnorok thing (or, Michelle!) would.

Mike is trying to fight for stability, for normalcy, and for the status quo — but sometimes what is needed is a bit of mythos. The problem is that we don’t know whether Martin is, like little boy blue, trying to blow his horn, or whether he’s trying to avert the end times.

It’s an interesting conundrum, one that’s made better by the Martin’s unreliable sanity. We know there are factions: Martin, Axl, Mike, and perhaps the lesser gods of Sjofn and her blood agreement with Bragi, but we’re not at all sure which faction is the one worth supporting.

We don’t even know if Martin is motivated by Ragnorok or simple human affection for his little sister. It was such a perfect twist that when Axl went all She-Mia last year that he, in fact, turned into his counterpart, his Frigg, not recognizing such until he finally met up with in person.

Does this mean that the two of them are destined for each other, that they are just two halves of the same person? Would this mean that their marriage would be illegal in less progressive countries? Or does it show an underlying connection that has yet to be expressed through human relationship?

Perhaps Frigg needs to go through her heavily-forshadowed Villi and Ve stages before returning to Axl. After all, Sjofn’s been working her way through the Johnsons brothers, both healing and carnally, through an alarming application of revenge relationships. Perhaps Frigg needs to make her way back to Axl through a variety of amusing and uncomfortable hookups.

Whatever happens, however, we can probably agree that Dawn has it right. Fully powered-up gods would be dangerous, boring to the story, and probably a worse danger than global warming. So at least in that regard, I’m not really hoping for an Axl/Frigg end-game. More power then to Sjofn, Bragi, and all of those minor gods and goddesses challenging the status quo. Sjofn even has her own little band of worshipers.

O’Gorman had some of the best lines of the ep, especially his ADHD moment and his recurring list of top fantasies. Langstone, however, ruled this episode as she worked through the goddess-equivalent stages of relationship emotions (anger, revenge, anger, revenge, revenge sex, anger, anger, grief). I thought the way the writers tied Michelle’s anger into Mike’s ambition quest was superb. Even Dawn was good this ep.

Thanks, too, to whomever put Mr. Turner into that muscle shirt.

  • Honestly, I think the more likely outcome is that Axl needs to find *his* Frigg, not just the goddess — the one who suits him, probably Gaia. (Alternately, Frigg should probably say “I’m not getting married based on quests.”)
  • Who doesn’t wish they could walk through doors to anywhere (see “The Lost Room”).
  • Is it me or is crazy-ass Martin far less interesting than secret-thread-pulling-mastermind Martin?
  • “Damn you, Universe, did you really have to do this to me?” What is a quest without challenges!?

§ 39 Responses to Jazz Quintet with Gjallarhorn

  • PilgrimJake says:

    I watched the episode in a very distracted fashion this morning. Enjoying the rise of ‘Dark Mike’. But it did seem odd that Hod would agree to assist Mike, after appearing to be on Axls’ side. Is this a betrayal and a shifty in the alliances? Is Ty backing the wrong horse in the hopes that he wont become a fully powered Hod? Or is here there to possibly reign Mike in and keep tabs on him?
    My more serious question is to do with the overarching series continuity. We now know that the Frigg has been stomping about for some time (And why did NONE of them think to look at bridal shops eh ?) . So presumably Gaia could have NEVER been the Frigg. Does this mean that she would have been papatonicu (sorry about spelling) had Idun not come along? What about the prophecy? Although it admittedly never said anything about the Frigg specifically. Does this mean that her rant about loving weddings in last seasons penultimate episode was just an unconscious desire to be with Axl?
    Is this sloppy plotting, or is something more crafty in store.

  • Freddie AppsHero says:

    Another great episode, another hair-tearingly frustrating cliffhanging.

    As a non-Kiwi viewer, I didn’t initially get that Siobhan Marshall played both Frigg and female Axl. She looks way different with makeup.

    And at this point, I’d like to claim my kudos; when Martin first briefly appeared, I did call that he was disabled.

  • drjuliebug says:

    Pilgrim Jake, I shared your fridge/Frigg logic!

    I didn’t read Ty’s actions as forming an alliance with Mike against Axl, though Axl was obviously very angry with Ty when he saw him at the shop with Mike. I think Mike simply convinced Ty that the search had to proceed immediately, by any means possible. Mike threw some concern for Dawn into the mix, which Ty would find compelling.

    I wonder if Karen was trying to push Mike down the “Odin road” rather than warning him away from it — we know that she hoped her daughter would hook up with Odin. Mike didn’t even know this was possible, but he’s moved closer to challenging Axl ever since, until finally saying so aloud. This is what my family used to call the “Don’t Put Beans In Your Ears” method of persuasive troublemaking — telling someone what NOT to do, when that person would never even have thought of it before.

    Some of the mythology in the last two episodes was foreshadowed by Sonja the MMORPGamer librarian back in Season 1. She was puzzled when Axl told her that Baldr and Hodr were his grandfather and brother, and not their two sons; Dawn revisited the Baldr-Hodr connection last week. Axl was also shocked when Sonja told him “I slept with your brothers!” (Sonja probably thought Axl’s relatives were fellow gamers, while Axl figured out that Sonja was describing myths, not her own sex life.)

    • Ratatosk says:

      I was really confused about why Ty agreed to help Mike as well, until I watched it the second time and realised that when Mike was explaining to Dawn about how they were compelled to carry out their god imperatives, Ty was probably thinking about it from Mike’s perspective. That said, he didn’t have to enable him, but Ty’s always struck me as being a bit wet, so it’s not that surprising – i hope Axl canes him for it.

      • Freddie AppsHero says:

        Classically, Hod kills Baldr, then is in turn killed by Vali. Maybe Ty and Olaf will come to blows over Ty’s siding with Mike?

  • Maria says:

    I’m already anticipating the withdrawal as we have only two episodes left….and no sign of a season 4 even in gossip. Hence, all the more I think I am dreading the finale “The End of the World as we know it” – ya, in many ways that title is going to be so fitting!

    I did not clue in that Siobhan Marshall was both Mia and Frigg. Kept asking myself “She looks so familiar…” Must be the change in hair style!
    Very clever of the writers / casting to do this!

  • Pilgrim Jake says:

    Here are some tidbits from the app.

    Mike and Olaf discussing Heimdall

    Mike leaned on the bar table, staring intensely at Olaf. ‘How do I get past him?’
    Olaf looked gravely at his grandson. ‘You don’t you stay far away from him. Heimdall is the god who sees all things and hears all things, in all different realms. So his human sized brain cannot cope with the information overload. He is inevitably barking mad. And I dont mean THor kind of mad, I mean psycho kind of mad. I was drinking with a Heimdall in a pub back in the late nineteen fifties when he got pissed off with a guy, this real hard nut. Heimdall waited until the guy was heading for a piss. He cut in front of him just before the guy went into the bogs. Five seconds later, Heimdall comes back out with snow on his jacket, which was odd because we were ub Whangerei in Summer. The guy was never seen from again’……

    When Ty and Mike visit Martin and the house.

    ‘You clear on what is to happen?’
    ‘Yes sighed Ty. ‘ And very glad you didn’t tell Dawn about what we’re doing.’
    They stopped in front of the front door. Mike looked seriouslt at his brother. ‘I’m not that crazy. Now you up for this?’ Ty’s look was not convincing. ‘Forget all about me and all the other shit going on. This guy stands in the way of our family destiny, so he needs to be dealt to: right?’
    It took Ty a few moments to feel comfortable. ‘Yes, Yes I suppose so.’ he said eventually. But he had more for Mike. ‘For the record, I think Axl is the rightful Odin, even though you’d make a better Odin. But dont tell him i said that. So i’m doing this for the family, not you.’
    ‘If that works for you’, said mike….

    And finally Siobhan Marshall was intended to be Frigg from her first appearance in the show. Apparently there is a deleted scene somewhere from S2 that alludes….

    • drjuliebug says:

      The deleted S2 scenes are easy to find on YouTube. The scene in question might make sense in the current part of the story, but would have been confusing and jarring had they included it in the S2 episode.

  • drjuliebug says:

    The teatime conversation among the goddesses hinted that perhaps the gods and goddesses were going to find themselves at odds again before this is all over.

    The scenes with Michele and Anders were amazing. They’re so alike, they’ve flirted before — and when they finally ended up in bed together, it was completely joyless. But I still laughed out loud at Michele’s complaints of how she she got stuck with Anders for her partner in revenge sex — she said she only chose Anders because Mike didn’t have any actual friends, she had no interest in bedding Axl again, and it would take too much work to persuade Ty to cheat on Dawn. Ouch!

    Also, Michele’s pillow talk with Anders indicates that she may actually believe that Mike is Odin. Martin, on the other hand, has made it clear that Frigg will choose her Odin. And Martin has certainly not been pleading Mike’s case to his sister.

    I thought Ingrid’s reminiscence about her hospitalizations in psychiatric facilities was touching. Ingrid is so relentlessly positive in the face of disaster that you just want to hug her. Also, since Ingrid can still read runes without Yggdrasil, does this imply that Michele can still heal and Stacey can still summon up super-strength?

    Has it ever been explicitly stated exactly what Odin and Frigg have to do when they meet? Does it have to involve love and/or sex and/or marriage, or are there other relationships possible between them? The Vili-and-Ve thing is intriguing; does she have to bed one or more brothers in order to choose? That has to be a whole world of squick for Mike and Ty, since she was their brother once! But all of that happened when Anders was in Norway, so he doesn’t have that image in his head.

    I’m not surprised to read that Siobhan Marshall was tapped for this role a year in advance. However unexpected it was to see her again, it didn’t seem in the least bit retconned.

  • Pilgrim jake says:

    I thought I’d also man up and point put that my oracular abities are currently rating considerably less than olafs. No sign of val and rob not the brother, with 2 eps left to go.

    And another fridge thought ( while getting the milk!)- what happened to kvasirs become a man and she will come to you eh??? Lying scheming pile of piss he is…. It could be read that axle facing up to himself triggered martins actions I suppose…

  • just another mortal says:

    Loved this. LOVED IT.

    Although, I agree with you kg that Mike’s about-turn has been too sudden, but I’m going to just go with it as well, since this episode was such great fun.

    Heimdall is fantastic and the reveal was inspired.

    Bit disappointed to see Anders going back to factory settings default douchey Anders but ’twas ever thus, I guess. I was surprised to see Ty “side” with Mike as well, but the deleted stuff Pilgrim Jake posted explains that perfectly. Axl with Zeb and Ingrid was v sweet. Michelle was the most interesting and human she’s ever been.

    Please don’t let the next two eps be the last we ever see of the Johnsons…

  • Pilgrim jake says:

    In all the Odin hullabaloo, I’d forgotten about Fulla. It’s her destiny to find frigg too. And in the legends and alluded to in series, isn’t there supposed to be some secret they share. Perhaps for the last 2 eps Stacey will step up to the plate????

    • kiwigods says:

      Finding Frigg should be a major impact to Stacy. Will she have to give up her hard-earned power as an independent business woman to become a simple handmaiden or does “handmaiden” mean “power behind the throne”?

      • PilgrimJake says:

        With my slightly tattered powers of prediction, i’m wondering if this will be the season end plot twist – all powerful Stacey.

        And on another note, has no one asked yet THE most significant question of this episode… Just what IS Anders #1 fantasy? 🙂

      • Freddie AppsHero says:

        I always interpreted “handmaiden” as a kinda of servant slash bodyguard.

  • drjuliebug says:

    Maybe Anders’ #1 fantasy is being Odin? There is that Vili and Ve thing, implying that not one but two of Odin’s brothers are going to get in the way. If there’s going to be yet another pretender from the family, I’d bet on Anders over Ty.

  • PilgrimJake says:

    I completely missed this one… Hayden frost as Zeb — webisodes on the gods.


    • PilgrimJake says:

      I meant to add.. these are little ‘Zebisodes’ that are rather funny vignettes from the actual characters -so a web extension of the more humorous parts of the show… I chuckled….Bring on the god of jandals.

  • Nothing much to contribute this week other than MICHELE LANGSTONE IS INCREDIBLE. What an episode for her! My heart broke when she wept in Anders bed post-revenge shebangabang. Michelle has fast become one of my favourite TV characters.

    I spent most of the episode going NO MIKE and NO ANDERS. Even though I don’t quite buy this “Mike is chasing the Odin flag” shiz, I am enjoying the drama. I hope they set it up for a strong Season Four, wouldn’t mind a cliffhanger toooooo much.

    Oh Ingrid. Thank you for your moments of positivity and grace.

  • nzninja says:

    A bit of an off-the-wall thought… If Odin is a title that Mike can lay claim to by right of his actions and Axl by right of the signs and prophecies… What if Frigg is a similar title?

    That’s crazy talk, right? I mean, what goddesses do we know of that could possibly fulfill the requirements of the Frigg title (which so far appears to be “shag two brothers of Odin”*)?

    * I’ve excluded “likes weddings” as a tool for identifying other potential Friggs for the following reasons:
    – Is liking weddings a prerequisite, or something that comes with the job (like Braggi being irresistible to Idunn, regardless of the loathing the human vessels have for each other)?
    – Can the viewers even reliably tell which goddesses like weddings, given that there has been only one on-screen wedding to date and that certain goddesses are given to lying, even to other goddesses (and perhaps even to themselves)?
    – If marriage is part of the natural progression of love, shouldn’t a love goddess be inclined to like weddings?

    • kiwigods says:

      First, applause. Brilliant!

      Second, Dawn loves weddings! Ty & Dawn for the AllFather and AllMother roles!

      • nzninja says:

        A brief list of Frigg candidates, in order of likelihood, based solely on confirmed sexual encounters for Vili/Ve Frigg qualification:

        Michelle: Mike, Axl, Anders
        Gaia: Axl, Anders
        Hannah: None confirmed (although strongly implied in promo for the next episode)
        Stacey: Zeb (a brother, but not of blood), Olaf (a blood relative, at least)
        Ingrid: Olaf (see above), Ty (slept with, but highly doubtful sex was involved)
        Dawn: Ty, Lance (I don’t know, Johann seems like he gets around?)
        Val: Mike, Anders, Persistent Vegetative State Rob

        I may have missed some, but well, pretty much the entire second half of the list is pretty thin. Would Zeb count – a friend who is a brother in all but blood? What about Olaf – does it have to be a brother, or could another blood relative stand in? Could “sleeping with” be enough, even if no sex was involved? If (big if) Lance was Johann’s son to a mortal mother, would a mortal half-brother count? And I’ll eat a moderately sized hat if Val shows up again out of nowhere, after being a no-show for 1.9 seasons, to claim the title of Frigg.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m convinced that Hannah is the Frigg to Axl’s Odin – the Mia episode more than managed that. But part of me wonders if Michelle couldn’t ALSO be Frigg to Mike’s Odin.

        A different part of me also wonders about a world where Stacey turns out to be Axl’s Frigg; mainly because I think she’d be incredible.

      • kiwigods says:

        Hannah? Please tell me you’re not giving us spoilers!

      • d says:

        The implication of sex came from the ad for the next episode (only a few hours away now!) which played immediately after the last episode finished.

        If anyone feels overly spoiled by my previous post, then I’m quite glad that I didn’t mention which of the brothers was doing the implying that he had closed the deal/done the deed/whatever the current euphemism of choice is. But you have my most heart-felt internet apologies anyway.

        All will be revealed in just a few short hours.

      • nzninja says:

        Not quite sure what happened to change my name on the previous post; apparently today I am also “d”. But once again, for completeness: I apologize to anyone who feels I’ve let slip some detail that should have remained concealed.

    • drjuliebug says:

      The two other female characters who love weddings are Dawn and Gaia, so all sorts of non-Hel could break loose!

    • drjuliebug says:

      Not to mention that the only on-screen wedding so far was between a woman who was utterly cynical about marriage and a man who knew he was marrying into a train wreck.

  • David Hood says:

    My ideal plot twist would be that Loki announces that, under terms of the game he is playing with Mike, he is going to take his revenge on members of Mikes family (Axl) by ensuring Mike becomes Odin. Mike is then blocked by his own game with Loki.

    • Sarah says:

      I actually thought that the ploy there was to convince Lokie that they were playing a game, rather than through actually using Mike’s powers – I had understood that Ty was actually the driving force behind that. This is later reinforced by Martin’s statement that two people need to agree to play a game and Mike’s subsequent failure to follow him. Will be interesting to see what happens when Loki reappears.

      Frigg – I think she is as she appears, and that the wedding comments were mostly intended to promote speculation rather than an indicator of Frigg. I really hate the way they have split Mike and Michelle – they were really great together! Still hoping for a pregnant Michelle before the season is out, or at the very least they get back together. I would love pregnant Michelle. Can you imagine?

      I hope they resolve the Mike/Odin dilemma soon, he clearly is not Odin, and as mentioned earlier, it’s quite out of character for him (not the attempted leading, the way he is treating his family). I don’t think it is as it seems – perhaps an attempt to get Axl to man up? 🙂 I might be missing the point, but surely, having powers as Ullr confirms Mike’s godly identity? Axl clearly became a god on his 21st birthday, and has fulfilled all the signs for Odin. At no point has anyone else claimed to become the incarnation of 2 gods at one time, making this quite a hollow claim.

      Can’t wait to see what happens!

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