Hammer of the Gods

September 19, 2013 § 55 Comments


There are so many things I want to say about this episode, and it’s hard to know where to begin, so please forgive my run-on thoughts and general incoherence. One quick note, first:


Let me start with Mike and Hannah. The two of them, to my shock, are perfect for each other.  They are perfect in a way that an Axl/Hannah relationship could never match.

Case in point? Axl is so callow and self-centered that he can’t even understand why he’d want to be nice to the brother of a potential girlfriend,  He’s like a very big puppy dog playing with a bone, not recognizing that the bone has a life, feelings, and responsibilities.

It’s no surprise then that Hannah ended up sleeping with Mike while relegating Axl to a playdate.

Mike has all the things Hanna wants and needs: a serious but self deprecating demeanor, real world experience in love and relationships, maturity and grounding. I felt it. They zzzzinged in a way Mike’s character never zzzzinged with Michelle.

From a writing point of view, Hannah arrived to the story fully fleshed. She wasn’t just “Frigg”. She had a full inner life, a tough backstory, an emotionally abusive father, two failed marriages, the weight of caretaking a needy sibling. She’s everything, in fact, that Dawn has never been. (More about that later.)

I was as surprised as Mike to find out how well they fit as human beings thrust into the ridiculous soap opera dramatics of the god world. In fact, if Mike and Hannah didn’t have the Ullr/Frigga  stuff hanging over them, they’d be perfect soul mates.

Instead, we had the team of merry idiots all trying to engineer some perfect destiny without realizing how easy all the other solutions were.

You don’t need to wait to go to the fridge to realize that if the Frigg/Odin/Gar thing doesn’t go forward, then everyone can move on and live happily ever after. Sure, if Axl dies, everyone else dies — that’s been the story from the start. So everyone takes care of their little (so to speak) idiot brother and no one has to return to the Bad Old Days, which is what no one except Anders and now Axl ever wanted in the first place.

In fact, Axl only wants it so bad because he’s got an extra-human parasite possessing him.  The same can be said for Mike’s benighted quest. Both of them need to move past that and get on with the living bit.

If they can, perhaps it would get Dawn to finally shut up. She has been what I now call kwanned. Poor Zeb came down with a bad case of this form of expositionitis earlier this series, when he couldn’t open his mouth without some rot about Mrs. Kwan and rent payments coming out. For Dawn, her pathology includes “My Boyfriend. The God of Dark and Cold.” Repeated ad infinitim. It gets old.

Sadly, while Zeb has been fleshed out by way of his ever-tested friendship with Axl, Dawn remains as much a character enigma as ever. She likes baked goods. She likes weddings. She likes Ty and the West Wing. Both about the same. It’s a sad disappointment.

Stacey, another supporting character, also has grown far from her origins of the conspiring handmaiden. A businesswoman now, she’s torn away from her calling by her unwanted godliness to serve a woman who neither needs nor appreciates her. She was forced to leave her work in the hands of the utterly (and hilariously) incompetent Olaf. (Barrington is, as always, the best).

Stacey didn’t even get the comfort of a warm welcome. Hannah is over this god thing and the last thing she wants or needs is a handmaiden.

Unlike Olaf, who offered Stacey respect and admiration for her service, Stacey is treated horrendously by Hannah. Her need to serve overwhelms all her superb business skills and management and for thanks, she got dismissed by the utterly oblivious Frigg.

Stacey got very little screen time this episode but her story really resonated.

For Michelle, seeing Mike in bed with Hannah drove her back to her original quest. Ruthlessly logical but emotionally out of control, she conceptualized a way to keep Odin from ascending and the Bad Days from returning. Plus (bonus!) no earthquakes or other catastrophes: kill Frigg and the quest becomes moot, or folkmoot, or something like that.

But Michelle didn’t count on this Frigg being as world weary — and just plain fed up with the god thing — as she was. While Michelle was being torn between boiling bunnies and making besties with Hannah, Martin popped in and settled the question entirely.

At least I think he did, because I didn’t see any godbarfing of large shimmery green clouds, which might have been a budget thing or a timing thing for finishing the scene.

And with Martin, I suspect that “hiding the body” is probably easier done than said.

Once again the Almighty Johnsons has surprised me. Even more so, now that Mike found someone so well suited, I’m not sure there is any way in Hel that the two of them can continue forward. Between Axl’s immaturity, Martin’s little Sjofncide, and Olaf’s overly complicated plans for involving everyone in a gar (normally Lepisosteidae, but not here), Mike’s one really good chance for an excellent plotline is over before it even started.

What a pity.

Great episode. This show better be renewed because it would be horrible if next week was the last TAJ ever.

  • End of Series 1: Hod finds his Hel. End of Series 2: Bragi is reunited with his Idunn. End of Series 3: Ullr hooks up with Frigga?
  • Michelle had a really interesting reference to Sjofn-as-Frigg in her dialog. Wikipedia writes, “Lindow states that some scholars theorize that Sjöfn may be the goddess Frigg under another name.”
  • Given the birthrates and deathrates of the Norse Gods, it’s a wonder they even exist any more. Surely the god + goddess = godsprog equation is wrong and godding is controlled by a much more wide-spread recessive gene? Paging Dr. Julie to the white courtesy genetics phone!

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  • richie in california says:

    OMG — is there a prayer to Nordic Gods for renewing this show? I’m not at all religious, but I’d pray to the God of Renewal, Season 4, please..

  • KeepCalmandSparkle says:

    I’m probably very much clutching at straws here but could Frigg’s power be healing? Michelle did mention that Sjofn’s powers were similar to Frigg’s and perhaps ygdrassil amplified this aspect of her? Please?! I think it would have been really interesting seeing Hannah choosing to do without either Odin as a further expansion on the fate vs free will theme that has been so prominent this series. We need season 4!

    • kiwigods says:

      Even better: Michelle might be able to heal herself, just as Ingrid can now read runes.

      • KeepCalmandSparkle says:

        Yes…. and perhaps Michelle needs to have died and been resurrected in order to represent the realm of the dead at the (potentially) upcoming Gar…. Ok, I realise an actually dead Michelle would be even better at this but never mind that, I want Michelle to live!

  • Freddie AppsHero says:

    Gah! DAH! I don’t think I can wait a week to resolve this!

    I really, really want to know what Ingrid meant by them getting it “spectacularly wrong”. My first instinct was that they all die in order to allow the gods to return, but I doubt they’d all be so happy and on-board with that, especially Colin; he has way too much to live for. Same applies if the god spirits ascend and leave mortals behind.

    My second guess would be that the Gar causes Ragnarok, not prevents it. In which case, it sucks for pretty much all gods except Vali and Vidarr, neither of whom are actually on the show. Again, not something that Colin or any of the others would be too keen on.

    It’s surprisingly apt that Michelle, who was to represent the realm of the dead, now appears to be dead. Maybe she comes back as Hel or some crazy crap like that?

    Either way, this ep is giving me some seriously bad vibes. I’m starting to think that the ending will be very, very far from happy.

    • Susannah says:

      ‘Spectacularly wrong’ is definitely interesting. I like the idea of it causing Ragnarok, since that would make sense with Heimdallr’s self-affirmation about blowing the horn to start it, and the fact he’s been working so hard to bring about the Gar. I don’t know that Olaf and Ingrid would be so keen on going through with it if that were the case, though, but maybe now that Odin(s) has met Frigg, there’s no other way forward?

      From what Martin said about not leaving Yggdrasil behind, though, it certainly seems like the gods will go somewhere else, leaving the mortal world without them. Which certainly doesn’t sound like the gods becoming real on Earth/Midgard. So… maybe the characters turn into gods and ascend, or maybe the gods do indeed leave their mortal forms behind, or… I don’t know. I also don’t know whether Colin, at this point, knows any more about any of this than the rest – though his glee suggests he does (or thinks he does).

      I must admit, I’m fascinated. It feels like they’re building to something massive, but we just can’t quite see the shape of it yet.

      • kiwigods says:

        I keep wondering if perhaps the gods set Ragnorok as a “do not return” failsafe before saying Ciao arrivederci from Asgard.

        In my rather fevered imagination, maybe it’s Martin who wants all the gods to re-ascend so he can stop being Martin, which does sound a bit like torture with the all seeing, and it’s not fate after all? Maybe Jormangund is stirring because Martin in getting a little too successful in terms of moving the pieces into place? In fact, in this scenerio, everything would be better if Odin just dropped this Frigg thing and got on with the rest of his life.

      • Sarah says:

        But what about Martin’s comment – something to the effect of “the gar is the point of everything I’m doing, without the gar… everyone dies”. I thought that things were heading toward Ragnarok, and the gar will prevent it. With regard to the spectacularly wrong part, I’m guessing that it refers to something godly, and that they probably return to asgard. Although how that would work, I don’t know. Colin’s probably so happy as it’s bad news for everyone else.

        Did anyone else notice the reference to Michelle/land of the dead, something about recent events? Was that just referring to Michelle’s healing? Or somehting else?

      • Susannah says:

        Ah, I hadn’t remembered the end of that bit of what Martin said – just that it was what he’d been working towards. Hmm. Well in that case yes, we’re back to the standard explanation of Ragnarok approaching and only an Odin/Frigg union being able to save the day. Seems increasingly unlikely to actually happen though…

  • Nathan Wilson says:

    Have to agree with all of the above. I have watched this series since the beginning, even when it was not on in the UK. The fact that fan power, so to speak, gave us this third season and it has been excellent, should push TV3, or whomever, should finish this properly and not just leave on a cliffhanger.

    I suspect we will have a conclusion to this arc but what that is I have no idea.

    What was the 3rd option? Frigg is on the side of the Goddesses!!! She has been raised for one purpose and that is Frigg. The human side of all the Gods and Goddesses comes into play all the time. Maybe Hanna does not want to be Frigg, or at least have her “husband” chosen for her in the shape of Odin. Yes she has to make a choice as Frigg but as Hanna, what would she choose.

    The word that comes to mind is obligation. Do the Gods feel obliged to rise up or will the human side “interfere” and start a whole new ball game?

    Ideally Axl and Hanna would get together as Odin and Frigg and all would be happy. But is that likely to happen?

    In this world of TV who knows……

    • Sarah says:

      Damn Martin for interrupting that conversation!
      I did wonder if it had something to do with her interest in Mike – I didn’t feel the chemistry so much there as with Michelle, but that may be due to the fact that I really, really hate Mike and all his smugness right now.
      Third option: Frigg chooses the wrong Odin, deliberately? It seems to simple though. She can’t be oblivious to the fact that Axl is Odin, regardless of her choice – as Martin said, he is who he is… and if she were to say, marry/become pregnant to the wrong person that would theoretically be difficult to overcome. Although everyone in the show seems pretty comfortable wiith bed-hoppping. Any thoughts?

  • Susannah says:

    It’s interesting that you call it a great episode when much of your post is complaining about interesting characterisation/plots coming to an end! But I agree it was pretty damn brilliant, and aaaargh that cliffhanger. (I really love Michelle, and whilst I would respect a dramatic death at this point, I would still hate it because she’s so great.)

    I don’t hold out much hope for a fourth season (though obviously I want one), so what I’m hoping for really is arc closure and a little bit of show closure – but not too much. Just the right amount to leave us all with stories in our heads for years to come. (Since this little group seems likely to have the right fanbase, I’m looking for an Angel finale, basically. Which I know is aiming high, but that kind of closure without finality.)

    And I’m still really hoping the Sjöfn/Frigg link turns out to be a real thing in the show’s universe, partly because Michele actually referred to it, partly because with the Ullr/Odin thing it seems right that Frigg should have an equivalent confusion, partly because there was such obvious juxtaposition of ‘Frigg will sleep with two of your brothers’ as Michele slept with the second brother, but mostly because I don’t want Michele to be dead dammit.


    • kiwigods says:

      I wouldn’t exactly call it “complaining” except about Dawn, who is about as deep a character as tissue paper. But complaining about Dawn has been my hobby horse for a while.

      And plots and characterizations do have to come to an end otherwise the story isn’t worth telling, is it? I just hope we get more plots and characterizations for a few more years.

      No one in any position to know anything has made even so much as a peep about renewal. It’s a bit odd if they were trying to get a coordinated public outcry into place so I remain (cautiously) optimistic. I suspect letters of support to New Zealand on Air would not be wasted.

      And since we didn’t see godbarf and because Ingrid still reads in Rune, there’s a good chance Michelle might be able to heal out of this mess. Keep your fingers crossed.

      • drjuliebug says:

        There was a minor (?) Dawn-related spoiler in the ep of “The Lesser Gods” where they interviewed Ben Barrington and Fern Sutherland. (I’m quite fond of that episode because Ben Barrington said hi to me — at least, sort of.) 🙂

  • I am doing a bit of a ‘comment as I watch’ thing here – haven’t read your review just yet but will do at the end of the episode.

    During the Thing, when Mike putted the golf ball into the hole he had such a smug look on his face that made me want to reach through my television and bop him on the head. Then Axl’s opening lines to Zeb after the titles were about Mike’s smugness. I then wanted to reach through my television and double high five the young fellas.

    Wow, the chemistry between Mike and Hanna is fun! Sometimes Mike comes across as a bit intense, but I didn’t mind it so much in this episode. This was a GREAT episode, btw.

    I enjoyed yet another reference to Anders/Dean O’Gorman and the Dwarves.

    TELL ME MORE ABOUT THE THIRD OPTION! I am greatly hoping that Michelle isn’t dead, though that is a lot of blood pulsing from a rather nasty hammer-to-the-head injury. A real tragedy and another example of the Gods unfairly affecting the Goddesses with their terribad choices and behaviour.

    Anyone heading to Auckland to join the cast party next Thurs? As I’m in Perth there is no chance in hell I’ll be there, but I’d be interested to hear how it turns out 🙂

    • kiwigods says:

      The smugness was perfect though. It was a beautifully timed punch line to the joke, which might have otherwise flown past our radar. Of *course* Mike aces the putt.

      So glad I’m not alone on the Mike/Hanna chemistry thing!

  • KeepCalmandSparkle says:

    I’m in agreement with those who think an ascent of the gods following the Gar is the most likely explanation given Martin’s eagerness to get rid of the evidence of other-worldliness. However, I’m hoping to be “spectacularly wrong” about this or at least wrong enough for the path to a season 4 (pleasepleaseplease) to be left wide open. I don’t actually think any of the gods (except Ty) would be particularly phased by a return to Asgard as none of them (except Ty, poor Ty) really seem to have ties to mortals. Well, there is Zeb of course but maybe they can find a way to Freki him up 🙂 Really intrigued to see how this is going to pan out.
    Regarding the Frigg situation, on a human level I’m thinking an Axl-Hanna union is looking very unlikely at this point, not only because Hanna and Mike so obviously click, but also because poor Axl is going about things so horribly wrong. Who can blame Hanna for not being swept off her feet by a guy who is essentially acting as if he is her rightful owner and chastising her for “not getting it”? Not to mention that as a grown-up with a successful (I’m presuming) business of her own and a lot of life experience behind her (two failed marriages and dependent sibling) a 20-something year old pizza boy is not an obvious choice. That being said, she did seem to be having fun with him at the spacies (NZ term) for as long as he could refrain from putting the destiny pressure on her. I’m really hoping for Axl to get the happy end I think he deserves, I just don’t think that it can be with Hanna as Odin and Frigg.

  • Maria says:

    To go back a bit: When Yggdrasil was destroyed into sawdust, then seeing Martin was there – I suspected we haven’t seen the end of Yggdrasil yet. Perhaps as a bag of saw dust, that Martin placed strategically to catch any scraps? The powers would still be within the dust?) So I hope Michelle isn’t dead. Maybe the sawdust being in the same house are the equivalent of her having the stick to be able to heal herself? Or Frigg contributing? (grasping at hope here I know.)

    Hannah as Frigg. She didn’t seem mad keen about either choice for Odin, and she certainly didn’t display any more in this episode. And I wanted to slap Axl to say “wake up – you are trying to go after your destiny / your Frigg – how about putting on a nicer shirt, cleaning yourself up a bit, show you have something to offer this woman who has her own business and is a little more established in life than you at the moment, how about charming your way by being nice to her brother too?”

    When Michelle took the knife in the kitchen, well speculation that this Frigg may not survive the episode, and wonder if Gaia would return next week? Nope, it was Michelle who was the surprise here. Then trying to piece the “we got it spectacularly wrong” comes into the mix and …. oh I hope next week’s finale doesn’t have us all come crashing down, especially without a peep of real news about a season 4.

  • drjuliebug says:

    DrJulieBug late to the party (didn’t get hold of the ep until just now.) Can’t tell you anything about the god genetics, though, unless someone gets reincarnated as a giant weta!

    Four things standing out right now for me, in no particular order, even though I haven’t really processed it all.

    First: Ty/Dawn. They’re together now — and all they can do is fight over whether Ty is going to embrace absolute zero. It might just as well be a mundane squabble over which job offer to take or which house to buy. Ty is now the perfect choice to represent the mortals — his relationship with the love of his life is rapidly turning into plain old domestic discontent.

    Second: The Mike/Axl/Hanna triangle. Mike is experiencing plenty of chemistry. Axl seems to be forcing it a bit. But Hanna seems completely opaque to me; I don’t get a sense of whether she feels anything at all for either of them. But that leads into ….

    Third: Hanna’s last remark to Michelle. Think of how much Agnetha was opposed to the Odin-Frigg reunion in the pilot. Now triple that level of aversion. That’s what emanated from Hanna at that moment.

    And, fourth, Michelle: No god-barfing in evidence yet. So, TBD.

    More later. I rarely drink after dinner, but something told me I should steady myself with a beer for this one. It was the right choice.

    • Susannah says:

      The idea of Colin reincarnating as a giant weta is cracking me the hell up right now. I don’t know why my brain jumped to that, but I can just picture a grumpy little fire-breathing weta…

      • drjuliebug says:

        Susannah — when I visited NZ in 1997, I wanted to see a giant weta, but our itinerary didn’t include any of their natural habitats (I was accompanying my husband, who had speaking engagements). One of the two university biology departments I visited — don’t remember whether it was VUW or Otago — supposedly had one in captivity, but when I got there and asked about it, I was told that they had just fed it to the tuatara! *

        I did get to see some cave weta. Also, just before flying back home, we stopped at a gallery in Dunedin — where we found a very nice framed print of a giant weta! It’s had a place of honor in my home everywhere I’ve lived since then. Still haven’t given up hope of getting back to NZ and seeing one in the flesh, or at least inside the exoskeleton!

        * I suppose if you were going to wind up an antenna-head American tourist in New Zealand, that would be the way to do it!. 🙂

      • Susannah says:

        Yes, I didn’t get to see a giant one either on my one visit to NZ, but we did see a cave weta in Waitomo and a tree weta in my friend’s shoe one morning…

  • David Hood says:

    Re: God genetics- I am pretty sure that being descended from any of the Norse settlers is the criteria, rather than being from a specific God Goddess pairing- though it is at least implied that the more godly your line the more likely you are to be godly. Mind you, a lot of that is based on Olaf’s understanding of how it works.

    I am reminded of the rant about god genetics in the middle of Baba Brinkman’s rap take on Gilgamesh in Canterbury Tales Remixed.


    • drjuliebug says:

      In the first ep, Olaf and Mike explained that “the sprog of a god and a goddess” became a god/goddess at 21. Delphine didn’t, because her mother wasn’t a goddess. But Gaia, the daughter of a Norse god and a Maori goddess, was destined to be a goddess, although no one knew ahead of time which pantheon she would join.

      But — good call by David is that this is just the Johnson family’s understanding of how it works. There may be loopholes. Freyja ditched first Elisabet and then the tree before inhabiting Agnetha, but nothing was ever explained about Agnetha’s previous life. (Except that she was strangled by an enraged outlaw biker and later dispatched him with a shovel.)

      • KeepCalmandSparkle says:

        Speaking of mothers, have there been any clues about the goddess identity of Hanna and Martin’s mother that I’ve missed? Seems like maybe this information is being withheld for a bit of shocking twist value? hmmmm…..

  • RodOfOak says:

    I’m intrigued by the idea that the Gar will lead to the return to Asgard. I wonder if it only leads to Odin going back. Or one going.

    I’m also hoping that Frigg’s has the power to heal Michelle.

    I’m hoping for another season. Maybe an Axle who is the all knowing wise father figure he’s being told to be. I look forward to Frigg meeting Thor, Gaia, or maybe even a specific bar maiden.

  • drjuliebug says:

    Could it be that the final conflict will not just be between the gods and total destruction — but also between the gods who want to be re-godded and the gods who would prefer to bag the god stuff and get on with their lives?

    The ones who probably want it: Mike, Anders, Colin, Derrick, Karen, Joe

    The ones who probably don’t: Ty, Hanna, Martin, Stacey, Michele (if she’s not dead), Gaia (if she’s still in the picture), Suzy (if she ever found out who she was).

    The ones who could be waffling: Axl (who seems to be forcing himself to want it), Olaf, Ingrid

  • richie in california says:

    James Griffin and Rachel Lang have continued to surprise me for three full seasons, and I expect the third season finale will not change that. Whatever I imagine, James Griffin and Rachel Lang will no doubt do something far better.

    What is the name of the Nordic or other God to pray to for a fourth season?

  • Pilgrim jake says:

    Given martins obsession with jortumgund I also wonder how the Ga relates to stopping it. This seems to be the reason he feels axl is the right Odin – he wants to do something about it.

  • Ratatosk says:

    Although my hope is slowly fading I’m still hanging out for a Karen party, all-gods-on-deck finale – I want to see Saga and her brother again, but maybe she’s like Var (I think – the goddess Loki brought in to hear a vow in 1st series) and is destined for one episode only. And where the hell is Kvasir?

  • drjuliebug says:

    I have this terrible fear that they’ll end the last ep with Frigg on the verge of making her decision.

  • just another mortal says:

    OH. MY. GOD.

    I’m late to the party (and the point of knowledge 😉 ) but what a brilliant episode. The twists, the turns, that ending! I spent the whole ep gasping and essentially lost my damn mind over the final scene. I don’t like Michelle but DAMN.

    Frigg does seem to be “over” the whole goddess/destiny thing, so I wonder what her game is? I don’t think she feels for Mike what he feels for her, although I’m having a hard time buying his feelings too – I couldn’t see beyond the INCREDIBLY ANNOYING smugness either. He may have talked himself into the idea of being in love with her just to justify to himself his pursuit of victory over Axl – could he just be trying to persuade himself it’s love driving him not his Ullrish nature? Although, a love match with the Frigg would be the ultimate win, no?

    Dawn has developed a really bad case of the Bella Swans – as you said, kg, all she can think about is “my boyfriend”. Good grief, Dawn. Get. A. Grip. And Ty, stop enabling her and go to work. Idiot.

    I wondered if “spectacularly wrong” meant that Odin and Frigg reuniting would result in them ascending to Asgard but everyone else going to the realms they represent instead. Please don’t banish Anders to the realm of the Dwarves! Unless it’s just for the Hobbit movies 😉

    When did Anders grow a beard again? Did I just not notice?

  • David Hood says:

    I don’t think this is a spoiler (I certainly don’t know what it means) but I see Gar (Odin’s rune) is a Rune in the Northumbrian extension of the Anglo-Saxon extension Elder Futhark. Looking back at Ingrid’s big glowing runes scene in episode 10 there are a couple of things that look more like Gar than any other Runes with various arrows too and from.

  • drjuliebug says:

    More pre-finale what-ifs: The gods can’t exist without a living Idunn, right? Doesn’t this suggest that Gaia has to re-enter the picture if things start to go really off the rails?

  • James says:

    Someone over on the show’s official facebook page wrote: “Hannah CANNOT be Frigg. Frigg would have been “born” after the ceremony where Gaia became Idun. Hanna is too old.”
    And someone else wrote:” …..Obviously Hannah is not the real Frigg but a shape-changing entity who sucks the powers out of the gods. (Why was she winning all the games after sleeping with Ul/Mike?) Both her/it and her/it’s partner obviously took over the identities of the real Frigg and Heimdall in a bid to usurp the Odin power itself. The real Heimdall is a god and, as a god, would be able to handle the power of knowing everything; a power-thieving usurper, however, would be driven mad trying to cope and this Heimdall character is raving mad.
    Still no Frigg yet, sorry fans.”
    I don’t really agree with the second one, but they both got me thinking….and doubting that she’s really “THE real” Frigg

    • Freddie AppsHero says:

      Maybe Hanna is actually Skadi; she’s like a female version of Ullr. In the same way that Ullr tries to fake Odin, maybe Skadi can fake Frigg.

      I disagree with the bit about Hanna not being Frigg based on the timing of Gaia becoming a god. Colin summed it up well when he said that the giants and dwarves were the ones who prophecised that Gaia would be Frigg, and they’re idiots.

      • Susannah says:

        Plus the fact that, if I remember correctly, their prophecy didn’t actually specify she was Frigg – it just said she couldn’t be allowed to live, or would lead to a time of oppression/misery for the dwarves and giants? They interpreted the most likely meaning of that as ‘is Frigg,’ I think…

    • Susannah says:

      Interesting thought – but I think writing off Heimdallr because he should be more of a god is silly, given this show – Kvasir also knew everything (kinda) and clearly wasn’t holding his life together as a result, and none of our gods are capable of being their full selves simply because they are in human form. It’s like saying Ty ought to be able to live at -30C all the time, or Ingrid ought to actually be wise…

      • drjuliebug says:

        One idea that keeps tantalizing me: The gods depart, but the humans stay behind. After it’s all over, Axl looks for a better job, Mike builds houses, Hannah sells wedding gowns, Olaf ages from 35-ish to 36-ish, Anders runs his PR firm, and so on, all without interference from those pesky deities ….

        That would also let Axl and Gaia get back together. Once Idunn, Bragi, and Odin have all left the building, nothing would be in their way.

      • richie in california says:

        DrJulieBug — that would deflate most of the dramatic tension, which would be exceptionally unusual for a season-ending cliffhanger. It would really signal the end of the series.

        God (no ;pun intended), please don’t let that happen.

      • kiwigods says:

        I need to give you a shout out here. Well predicted Dr J!

      • Freddie AppsHero says:

        drjuliebug: I had that thought too, but it seems unlikely. Colin seemed pretty excited about what was going to happen, and he’s the last person who would be happy to become mortal.

      • drjuliebug says:

        Thanks! In fairness, it wasn’t totally my own prediction — either the app or some other fan site I saw hinted at a similar resolution. I loved the way it was handled, though!

  • richie in california says:

    Fern just posted this on her Twitter feed…

    Fern Sutherland ‏@FernSutherland 11h

    @mikekilpatrick @almightyjohnsnz @lessergods @TrueLangstone @emmettskilton Oh man. Thursday is gunna be gnarly as. 😦

  • richie in california says:

    One more day until “The End of the World as We Know It.” How will you spend it?

  • drjuliebug says:

    I know I’m going to be as offline as possible until I can see the ep — and have told my husband that I’ll watch it at 3 AM if necessary! I think this is the only TV show I’ve ever seen in my life that makes me actually care about spoilers!

    • richie in california says:

      That’s interesting — can you say what’s unique about this show (which I adore), that makes you care so much about spoilers?

      • drjuliebug says:

        It’s one of the few TV dramas of any kind in my life — maybe the only one — that I consider written and performed well enough to actually let me suspend disbelief — and I’m an American viewer who’s over 50. Seriously, as a preschooler I refused to clap for Tinker Bell on TV because she wasn’t real, and as a young adult I used to read the endings of novels first in order to decide whether I wanted to bother starting them from the beginning. I now sometimes half-jokingly apologize to my husband and tell him that I finally understand what Trekkies went through in the late sixties!

        So, I do like to wait and see them in order as soon as I can. I read some TV Tropes spoilers for Season 1 before getting all the way through those episodes, but ever since then I’ve been really good about not getting ahead of myself!

      • richie in california says:

        Thanks, that makes sense, especially since I gather you are a scientist of some sort.

        For me, the joy is the endless surprise (new characters and plot twists that I didn’t see coming) and something I find wonderfully whimsical. Just for example, little bits like The Kraken and the Asparagus are totally silly, and yet endearing in some way.

        I don’t suspend disbelief at all, but enjoy it nevertheless.

  • drjuliebug says:

    BTW, Richie et al. — I agree that having the gods leave for good would amount to a series finale. Also hoping that doesn’t happen now, since I don’t want the series to end now either! I follow lots of Twitter feeds connected to the show, and the cast members seem to be doing a great job of keeping the anticipation up without revealing too much. It’s obviously easy to overestimate one’s connections to public figures via social media, but still, the sense of community is palpable.

    As for suspension of disbelief: While I don’t literally believe that Odin is a pizza delivery driver in Auckland :-), the show’s hold on me is actually quite a breakthrough in my enjoyment of fiction. I am a science geek (insect ecologist, currently a trailing spouse and part-time student), but unlike a lot of sci-tech types, I was never much into SF and fantasy. And when I do enjoy it, it’s because the fantasy is well-integrated into portrayals of mundane life along with a good dose of humor. I suppose Red Dwarf and Harry Potter primed my brain for TAJ!

  • JoeS says:

    I feel like everyone is forgetting the prophecy that says frigg sleeps with two of Odins brothers. That is what the scrabble letters led them to reveal, along with the name of the wedding shop. She has already slept with one, Michael, now she will probably sleep with anders. This will all lead to her finally going to Axel, proving he is the true Odin.

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