Is it the end of TAJ as we know it?

September 25, 2013 § 12 Comments

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Tomorrow the third series of the Almighty Johnsons ends with the episode The End of the World as We Know It.

The show may or may not end as well. I would love to see TAJ renewed but even if it isn’t, man this year’s episodes have been  amazing. Fantastic acting, fantastic writing, fantastic everything.

Thanks everyone for visiting this blog and being part of the experience. You all, each of you, have made it even better and it’s been fun sharing.

Fingers crossed, we get to do the same next year too.



§ 12 Responses to Is it the end of TAJ as we know it?

  • Pilgrim Jake says:

    And I’d very much like to heartily thank you KG for allowing a polite and insightful community to grow over our beloved show…
    Now if we can just convince James Griffin to come and be a guest commentator after the show is over it would top it all off.

    • James G says:

      I would be honoured to answer whatever questions the Kiwigods community has. I love the discussions on this site – even when I don’t necessarily agree with them – and I have dropped by on a daily basis to see what is being said.

      SO as you see, convincing me isn’t that hard – but how do we make it so?

      • kiwigods says:

        I apologize profusely for despising Dawn. Does my abiding love for nearly every other character make up for it? 🙂

        On the community end of things, would you be open to a nice series wrap-up interview? We really want to hear what comes next, whether it’s TAJ or any other project. Plus it would be great if I could collect up set of questions from all the regulars about themes, characters, and so forth.

        p.s. Any word on Series 4?

      • James G says:

        You like some characters, you dislike others – nothing to apologise about.

        Why don’t you assemble your questions and then I’ll do my best to answer them.

      • kiwigods says:

        Sounds like a plan. After the finale, I’ll put up a post, collect questions for you and add a few of my own! Thank you so much!!

  • David Hood says:

    I have been constantly surprised at the rate of story lines this season. There has been a lot of stories told.
    My ideal world is that international markets establish enough of a lifeline to flesh out some longer character driven stories with the tension between god and mortal. Something my wife remarked is that Odin’s myths are very heavily focused on his sacrifices (be it his eye for knowledge or sacrificing himself to Odin to gain the runes in the Hávamál) and this is (to date) not an aspect that Axl has had to deal with.

  • Maria says:

    Despite my going through withdrawal in the next few days once the season three final episode airs – happy to learn that UK iTunes has season 3 available to purchase, as the episodes air in the UK. (Plus UK Netflix has season one and two to watch as well.)

    Alas, the Canadian iTunes does not show anything other than the TAJ app! Disappointed, as the show airs almost concurrently here in Canada as in NZ…and we cannot have up to date iTunes purchase availability too.

    I’ve written to South Pacific Pictures about it, perhaps they can pull a switch or wake up someone at iTunes Canada to get with it!

    (See – I must be going through withdrawal already as I’m getting a little obsessed with whatever I can find related to TAJ! Apologies!)

  • drjuliebug says:

    James G. — One thing that won’t be lacking here is participation!

    I know that however the season may end, and whether or not there’s a clear path for the show to come back, I won’t be ready to let the Johnsons go just yet. And you have a lot of international fans who feel the same way.

    Still thanking Air New Zealand, BTW, for introducing this North American to the show via in-flight entertainment options!

  • Pilgrim Jake says:

    James! Yes please. If we assemble some questions – then get a chance to respond to your answers it would give us all an insight into the writing and character development process. Perhaps 24 – 48 hours after the final ep? Please thank all the other writers of the show too. I know there are many of my friends that love the show but dont comment – so there is a very strong international niche audience.

    Your comments on the Ipad app have proven well worth the purchase.. Although from all the commentry i AM hoping that Emmett’s squid affair scene makes it onto the cut scenes section of the DVD….

    One short question already How much does DVD sales assist with chances of further seasons?

    For my Oz 5 cents (being 1 kiwi dollar) just watched the premier of Joss Whedons’ new show. Felt he has fallen back on a few tried and trusted tropes again that resurface throughout his work. It reminded me of the freshness and originality of the Johnsons… Hopefully the American Buffy loving audience will find it too…

  • Susannah says:

    I’d like to second the thanks to KG for setting up this blog and writing the thoughtful posts that got us all writing thoughtful comments (well, sometimes) in return – it’s been a great little community, and even if this does turn out to be the end, it’ll have been a fun ride for me in part because of everyone here.

    Loving the interview idea – can definitely think of a couple of questions I might want to ask already… 🙂

  • RodOfOak says:

    Yes, I wanted to thank you too, KG. This TAJ community has helped me find a forum where I feel confident in saying, thank you. Thank you, James Griffin. The stories have truly been great this season.
    I hold hope for more.

  • Kudos to James Griffin for being up to an interview! I best get my thinking cap on and brainstorm a question..

    Thanks for this awesome blog KG, though I came to it rather later. I started watching TAJ this year after seeing an interesting GIF on Tumblr. Noticed the tags labelled it as a Kiwi show, checked out the first episode and was hooked. You guys are putting Aussie TV to shame.

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