Purchasing 800 Words

February 21, 2016 § 1 Comment


I have a region-free DVD player sitting on the table next to my desk. I use it…occasionally. It’s not getting any younger and I’m not sure how much longer it’s going to hold up.

I mention this because one can purchase a Region 4 copy of 800 words for NZ$34.99 + NS$27.86 shipping from Mighty Ape, where you can blessedly pay by PayPal. Region 4 compatibility is, as previously mentioned, a critical component of the transaction. Delivery is surprisingly swift as they do not actually attach the packages to sea-going albatrosses any more, and you can expect your parcel to arrive within weeks.

My long goal, assuming James Griffin continues making television programs, is to find out some way to purchase digital copies of NZ/AU TV shows online. At this time, the only vendor I’m aware of is  iTunes Australia. And, sadly, while I was able to create an iTunes Australia account a few years ago, I still have no way to fund it using my US-based payment methods.

800 words is James Griffin’s show about life, love, and loss. A recently bereaved father moves his resentful family from cosmopolitan Australia to what we in the US would call BF Nowhere, New Zealand, trying to inhabit a dream and catch the perfect wave. Nothing, of course, goes to plan. The result is sad and uplifting, tragic and hilarious, complicated and touching. It’s one of my favorite recent TV shows.

While preparing this post, I googled across  Mike Kilpatrick’s article 800 Words, James Griffin and a fanboy. Kilpatrick writes, “If James Griffin decided to make a show about the worst public toilets in New Zealand chances are I’d love it.” I agree. New Zealand’s Worst Public Conveniences might be a pipedream, but I’d happily pre-order a copy of the DVD. Although, of course, I’d prefer digital Portajohn delivery.


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  • just another mortal says:

    Co-sign. James Griffin is a genius, I miss TAJ like the blazes and 800 Words is utterly lovely. The only thing that could make me like it more would be if Anders showed up – kidding! (Although, if it’s do-able, NOT kidding.) I know there are all sorts of rights and trade issues, but it’s the 21st century – sort’em out, iTunes/Netflix/Amazon and all you other global corporations out there, and let us all get the James Griffin and other NZ/AU TV we want online legally, no matter where we come from.

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